Make yourself at home on holiday...
Val di Rabbi in the heart of The Alps

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Swimming pool area, fitness and wellness at discounted prices !!!

Summer holiday in Val di Rabbi in the Stelvio National Park...

Hiking and walking in the National Park, relax and wellness in the Hot Spring of Terme di Rabbi, Nordic walking, mountain biking and more.

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A Summer holiday in Val di Rabbi is a chance to relax and also to have fun with your family. Walking in the woods, breathing fresh and pure air, enjoying the nature and the panoramic surrounding. Time will fly and you will realise that one weel holiday is not enough to enjoy all that the valley can offer.

There are so many tracks along the Valley and going up to the picks of the mountain that beginners and more expert walkers will never get tired. Walking in the forest with so many different kinds of trees, along the rivers and waterfalls and maybe having the chance to meet the animals living in the woods like deers, chamois, ibex, eagle and squirrels..

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In Val di Rabbi you have the luck to find the Thermal spa in a very special mountain surrounding. The water of Val di Rabbi is considered a "natural elisir of long life" thanks to the power of the natural gas in it.

It is alkaline bicarbonate, rich in salts, acidic, ferruginous, sodium and with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. The absolute peculiarity is due to the simultaneous presence of ferrous ion and the ferric ion. It is among the hot springs at higher content of free carbon dioxide that are known..

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Nordic Walking is the sport of the moment, a new way of walking with ultralight sticks involving all the muscles of the body and helping you climb the moutains.

Walking just means walking, Nordic remembers his Finnish origin. For the sedentary people is an opportunity to keep fit.

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Val di Rabbi can be discovered by bike also.

The whole area offers lovers of cycling pleasant paths more or less demanding.

You will find yourself pedaling in the crispy air of the mountains surroundings.