A holiday at a friend’s house
In Val di Rabbi in the heart of the Alps

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Covid aside, the health of our guests and that of our employees are priorities that guide our daily choices.

Our apartments are autonomous, and already safe, in a strategic position and ideal for a holiday of pure relaxation, a quiet holiday, a vacation far from the worries we have shared in the past years.

We take some extra measures, to prevent, because you never know:

we use suitable products for cleaning and sanitizing

our team, is prepared and trained to adopt consolidated cleaning and sanitizing procedures


Given the news stories that have affected our community, and given the amount of information circulated on the subject, we understand and join your concern.

If you have had the opportunity to visit and get to know Trentino and its people, you know that ours is a serious, concrete community, respectful of the rules and the nature in which it lives.

The possibility of a close encounter with a bear is remote, as an extremely shy animal; however, it is good to adopt some rules of prudence such as, for example, making excursions in groups and not alone and reporting their presence in the woods speaking aloud. To learn more about a prudent frequenting of the forest and the mountains, our Province has created a special page, dedicated to large carnivores, to clarify the most common doubts with the answers of experts. Keeping informed through official sources, is fundamental to live and appreciate with serenity our territory, for you and for those like us who live there all year round.


Here are some rules for a good coexistence, the same that you find on the territory with ad hoc signs:


 do not attract the bear in any way

 never leave food and organic waste at the bear’s disposal

in case of remote sighting, do not approach and enjoy the rare encounter

in case of close encounter, do not run or move with excitement; move away slowly

report your presence in time by making noise (eg: speaking aloud)

in case a bear shows clear signs of aggression, remain firm with passive attitude

keep dogs on a leash

for emergencies call the 112




We welcome you with a smile, we also shake your hand if you like, and we provide all our advice from real locals, mountain lovers.

We are waiting for you in our garden, for a check-in in the fresh air of the Val di Rabbi.

Miriam (on the right)

Renzo (the one on the left)

Lorena (the one behind the camera)